The University of Birmingham is committed to providing person-centred support for all students making a disclosure through our Report and Support tool. We can help support you, whatever you decide to do, and for as long as you need us. 

We believe that any form of sexual violence, domestic abuse, stalking, harassment, discrimination, bullying, assault, hate crime, or spiking are never acceptable. Our campuses, accommodation and surrounding areas should be a safe space to work, study and socialise for every member of our UoB community.

What is spiking? 

Spiking is giving someone else drugs or alcohol without their knowledge or consent. For example:
  • Drink spiking - adding drugs or alcohol to someone else's drink
  • Needle spiking - injecting drugs into someone else's body with a needle or auto-injector pen
  • Vape or cigarette spiking - giving someone drugs in a cigarette or e-cigarette
  • Food spiking - adding drugs to someone's food
You can be spiked by others putting alcohol, or more alcohol into your drink, or by a range of prescription drugs (such as sleeping tablets), or by the use of illegal drugs (such as cocaine, GHB, or ketamine). Drink spiking is the most common form of spiking but other items such as food, vapes and cigarettes can be spiked, or it can also be done as an injection through the skin, this is known as 'needle or injection spiking'. Spiking can occur anywhere, this can include nightclubs, pubs, bars, restaurants, sporting and community events, house parties and much more. 

Although the majority of drink spiking does happen to alcoholic drinks, this doesn’t mean soft drinks can’t be spiked too, including energy drinks, hot drinks and even water. Giving someone more alcohol or drugs than they were expecting and consented to is also spiking, for example, giving someone double shots instead of single ones.

Spiking is illegal and a serious offence that can carry a ten year prison sentence. If followed by an assault, sexual offence theft or robbery, then this could be even longer. 

Spiking can have a lasting impact on anyone who is subjected to it. If this has happened to you, know that you're not alone and we're here to support you. 

There are two ways you can tell us what happened