All those involved in a complaint will be treated fairly and offered advice and support. 

What happens when something is reported? 

When a report is made about a student or staff member, there are procedures that will be followed. The reporting party may wish to speak to a Responder (if it is a student) or Advisor (if is is a staff member) to discuss their options for informal or formal resolution. 

If informal resolution is pursued then the reported person will be contacted by an appropriate member of staff who will aim to try and resolve the matter. 

If the matter proceeds formally, the reported behaviour of a student will be investigated under the Student Misconduct Procedure, and the reported behaviour of a member of staff will be investigated under The Grievance Process

Student Support 

All students can find useful information, support and contacts via the Student Wellbeing Services pages.

Staff Support

Staff who are worried about their behaviour can find useful information and contacts via the:

Employee Wellbeing pages

Employee Assistance Programme 


There are two ways you can tell us what happened