Working together, we want to set out specific expectations of behaviour on how we want our members, club committees, coaches and staff to behave. The below behaviours have been created by UoB Sport & Fitness members which encapsulates Pride, Respect, Inclusivity and and Collaboration.  
  1. Be Inclusive
    We strive to build an inclusive environment where all feel valued and respected. We encourage the sharing of diverse perspectives and ideas, as it enriches our culture and drives our success.   
  2. Respectful  
    We take pride in all opinions and perspectives, and we listen to understand different points of view in a respectful manner.   
  3. Open and Honest Communication
    We encourage open, honest, and skilful communication across UBSport & Fitness.  
  4. Active Listening
    We strive for active listening which is appreciative, empathetic and critical of ourselves and others.  
  5. Honesty
    We endeavour to support and strive for honesty within our students, staff and wider community.  
  6. Accountability  
    We create together an environment where everyone is accountable for their actions and responsible for supporting the university values.  
  7. Support
    We create an environment where individuals feel safe to express their thoughts, concerns whilst respecting personal boundaries.  
  8. Empathy
    We treat each other with empathy, kindness and understanding creating an environment where individuals can feel safe.

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